10 Unique Gifts You can only get in the LA Fashion District

unique gifts

10 unique gift ideas you’ve probably never thought about buying in the LA Fashion District before.


PERVERSE Sunglasses

perverse uo close

Imagine this; you’re walking down Los Angles Street window shopping near 11th when a bright red fire escape catches your eye. The façade of the building is impeccable, and there are flowers, in variations of pink, cascading down the front display windows. The flooring is a welcoming bright white marble, with sleek mirrored cabinetry, and row upon row of colorful sunglasses that look fresh off the runway adorn the walls. Now stop imagining, because you have arrived at PERVERSE.


LA Market Week June 2017 Buyer’s Guide: Fall/Holiday 2017


The Fall II/Holiday 2017 Los Angeles Fashion Market will take place from June 4th to the 8th! Learn everything you need to know before shopping the LA trade shows.


LA Flower District Mother’s Day Hours 2017

la flower district mother's day hours 2017

LA Flower District vendors will have extended hours for Mother’s Day. The LA Flower District Mother’s Day Hours 2017 will be as follows…


Last Remaining Seats

la orpheum theatre

The LA Conservancy’s signature series, Last Remaining Seats will kick off in the LA Fashion District with a screening of L.A. Confidential at The Orpheum Theatre on Saturday, June. 3. Last Remaining Seats presents films as they were meant to be seen: on the big screen, in a beautiful theatre, surrounded by fellow fans, and accompanied by vintage cartoons, special guests, and more.