Michael Costello opens first-ever retail flagship in the LA Fashion District

Michael Costello

On Sunday, August 20, 2017 Michael Costello will open his first-ever retail flagship store exclusively for his new RTW consumer line. Located in the heart of the LA Fashion District, the store will feature exquisite MC signature styles, which will be available for a wide range of customers. The grand opening of the Michael Costello store marks another noticeable boost to the growing Los Angeles fashion scene. The new collection will reflect Costello’s signature looks with most items falling around the $300 mark. The grand opening of the flagship Michael Costello store further enhances Michael’s passion – “To make high fashion more affordable and accessible to women of all shapes and sizes.”

The Store will open 7 days a week 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Michael Costello
901 S Main St.

10 Unique Gifts You can only get in the LA Fashion District

The LA Fashion District is a treasure trove of unique fashion finds, but you haven’t thought about buying these unique gifts here before.

1. Rich Honey

Rich HoneyImage via Rich Honey

The private label manufacturer is known in the industry for premium quality t-shirts and leather goods. Its only retail location is at 210 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014. richhoneyapparel.com

2. Hard to Find Sneakers

Holy GrailImage via The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail specializes in one-of-a-kind and hard to find sneakers. The consignment is located at 836 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA 90014. holygrailgoods.com

3. Suits & Knives Coffee

Unique Fashion District GiftsImage via Suits & Knives

Suits & Knives fuses unique roasting techniques from around the world to create interesting textures and flavors. Locally roasted in small batches, it is sold at Coffee Colab, 305 E 8th St #3, Los Angeles, CA 90014. suitsandknivescoffee.com

4. An Original Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog

Unique Fashion District gifts Image via The Alley Dog

Yes, we went there. Eating an original bacon-wrapped “street dog” is an experience everyone should be treated to. The Alley Dog, 317 E 12th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015 thealleydogs.com

5. One-of-a-Kind Art

Unique Fashion District GiftsImage via Gloria Delson Gallery

The LA Fashion District is home to a number of galleries, often featuring work from local artists, including The Hive, Ren Gallery, Gloria Delson, Fathom Gallery, Diego Cardoso, and Clay Shaper Gallery.

6. Goods from Ace Hotel Gift Shop

Unique Fashion District GiftsPhoto by Elizabeth Daniels

Sure the hotel chain has other locations, but this is the only one that’s also a historic theatre. Ace Hotel DTLA, 929 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90015 acehotel.com/losangeles

7. Spektakles Glasses

Unique Fashion District GiftsImage via Spektakles

Unique sunglasses with great style. Shop Spektakles at 212 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014. spektakles.com

8. Tickets to a Show in a Historic Venue

Ace HotelImage via Ace Hotel
orpheum theatreImage via The Orpheum Theatre

The LA Fashion District is home to two historic theatres that host public events year-round. The Theatre at Ace Hotel or The Orpheum Theater. Your choice.

9. Customized Anything

LA Fashion District Map
Really! Anything you purchase in the district can be taken to one of the local embroidery shops to be customized. Find the embroidery shop closest to you using the LA  Fashion District online directory, here.

10. Vinyl From a Real Records Shop

pop obscure recordsImage via Pop Obscure Records

A new old-fashion record store. Pop Obscure Records has new and used vinyl, collectibles and autographed merch. 735 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA 90014 popobscurerecords.com

PERVERSE Sunglasses

Perverse Long Shot

Imagine this; you’re walking down Los Angles Street window shopping near 11th when a bright red fire escape catches your eye. The façade of the building is impeccable, and there are flowers, in variations of pink, cascading down the front display windows. The flooring is a welcoming bright white marble, with sleek mirrored cabinetry, and row upon row of colorful sunglasses, that look fresh off the runway, adorn the walls. Now stop imagining, because you have arrived at PERVERSE.

perverse hello

PERVERSE, having opened in 2016, is one of the newest businesses to call the LA Fashion District home. However, while they may be the new kids on the block, their history in our District is anything but that. Founder, Toni Ko, started her first company in the California Mart in 1999 at the tender age of 25.  A company that most people in the Fashion Industry, MUA world, and anyone who’s bought cosmetics from a drugstore might be familiar with, NYX Cosmetics. While Toni has now transitioned away from the makeup world to make her mark in the sunglasses game, she has not shifted when it comes to her sentiments regarding her love of Downtown LA and the Fashion District. Establishing the PERVERSE location one block away from the Mart citing the “young, hip, cool, and urban energy” as matching the PERVERSE brand – Toni Ko has come back home.

perverse fun

Aside from the interior design, what truly makes PERVERSE unique is their ability to marry high-end quality merchandise with consumer friendly costs. Each PERVERSE sunnie in designed in-house by a design team who spends their time researching upcoming trends to curate and develop the perfect sunglasses collection.  The team uses “high-quality plastics, acetates, and high-quality hinges” to then produce their sunglasses, including BPA-free Copolyester which is environmentally friendly. Focusing on every detail to maximize the uniqueness of every style – with each sunglass being crafted with such care – you’d expect prices to break the bank. Wrong! It’s PERVERSE’s mission to bring style to every person at an affordable price with prices starting as low as $40. In addition, PERVERSE has a 1:1:1 charity initiative that applies to every purchase.

try on

Collections are updated seasonally, so 4 times a year, with the occasional early launch of a style too hot to keep under wraps. Another unique aspect to PERVERSE is their Capsule Collection Collaborations, where they partner with a Celebrity or Influencer to produce a limited collection of sunglass styles. Their most recent collaboration debuted this month as they partnered with KimChi of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame. With their endless selection of styles, we asked a PERVERSE representative what seems to be the most popular right now;  Jerome and Dawn Patrol are among the top sellers, providing a “minimal yet so stand-out chic look.” Noting that while these may be best sellers “everyone has their own style identity,” and with endless options, there is a style for everyone so stop by PERVERSE and find your style identity.

kim chi

1108 Los Angeles St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015

perverse uo close

Sneakers Holy Grail Now on Los Angeles Street

holy grail

Holy Grail (noun): Something that you want very much but is very hard to achieve

Unless you are a sneakerhead, in which case the Holy Grail is now located at  836 S Los Angeles St. The sneaker consignment shop specializes in rare and collectible sneakers including Air Jordan, Nike Basketball, Nike SBs, Nike Dunk, Nike Air Force, Nike Running, Adidas, Vans, and more. The shoes, neatly wrapped in plastic, line the walls of the new Fashion District location (Holy Grail first opened in South Park) between 9th and 8th Streets, just a block away from Nice Kicks and down the street from Blends. While you’re there, check out the ultra-rare pairs in the glass case.

All items for sale are thoroughly inspected for authenticity. As per Holy Grail, sneaker values are based on the rarity at the time of release, time since release, and the overall history behind a particular model. Prices are set by the individual consignors. All items are dead-stock/brand new unless listed as used.

Holy Grail, 836 S Los Angeles St. 90014
LA Fashion District, Downtown L.A.

holy grail los angeles

2017 LA Fashion District Prom Shopping Guide

The LA Fashion District Prom Shopping Guide is here! We have dozens of prom dress stores in the area and hundreds of dresses to choose from.

LA Fashion District Prom Shopping Guide

2017 LA Fashion District Prom Dress Shopping Guide

The annual LA Fashion District prom dress shopping guide is finally here! In this guide we share everything you need to know about buying prom dresses in the LA Fashion District. (See or previous prom shopping guides201320142015, 2016).

Where to Shop for Prom Dresses:

There are dozens of prom dress stores in the LA Fashion District, most of which are concentrated on Santee Street and Maple Avenue from 9th to 14th Streets. (Download a map of the area here).


LA Fashion District prom dress stores are independently owned and operated, but most open between 9 and 10 a.m. and close between 5 and 6 p.m. Prom dress stores are open 7 days a week.

Shopping Tips

  • Search the directory: Looking for a specific style or store? Contact prom dress stores directly using the Fashion District directory.
  • Parking: We recommend parking in a private parking lot. Most parking lots are cash only and rates can vary from $5-15. Please note, all lots are independently owned and operated, and their hours of operation might vary.
  • Return Policies: In general, LA Fashion District prom dress stores in the area tend to have a “final sale” or very short return policy. We highly recommend trying on the dress before making a purchase and taking a second to check seams and embellishment details.
  • Alterations: Most stores will either offer alterations on site or can recommend someone nearby.
  • Pricing: Dress prices vary widely depending on the style of dress. Most dresses are in the $100-300 price range. Heavily beaded dresses will be the most expensive, while simpler designs will be on the lower end.

The best part about shopping for prom dresses at the LA Fashion District is that most of the stores update their collections regularly, meaning there’s always new dresses to shop! The selection of LA Fashion District prom dresses is unparalleled.

Spring 2017 Prom Trends:

Without a doubt, 2017 is all about…

  • Details and embellishments
  • Sheer fabrics with appliques
  • Long dresses and skirts
  • 2-piece crop top and skirt styles

We stopped by a couple prom dress stores to see what they currently have in style. Scroll down for photos…

LA Fashion District Prom Dress Store

LA Fashion District Prom Dress

LA Fashion District Prom Dresses

LA Fashion District Prom Gowns

LA Fashion District Prom Dresses

At LA Queen’s Boutique it was all about detailed embellishments with neutral and bright colors, gold and platinum long dresses and princess silhouettes in pastel colors.

LA Queen’s Boutique
912 S. Santee St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 612-0006
Hours: 9:30am – 5:30pm

LA Fashion District Prom dress store

At Maral Fashion we found two-piece styles in neutral and bright colors, short prom dresses, embellished trains and mermaid silhouettes.

Tip: Some stores offer discounts for group purchases. Bring your friends and ask the store if they’ll give a discount if you all buy from the same shop. It never hurts to ask.

Entrance of LA Fashion District Prom Dress Store

LA Fashion District Prom Dress Details

LA Fashion District prom dress crop top

LA Fashion District prom dresses with beading and appliques

LA Fashion District prom gowns with embellishments and beading

Maral Fashion
401 E. 12th & Maple Ave. #18
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Second entrance for LA Fashion District prom dress store

LA Fashion District prom dress store display

LA Fashion District prom dress display

LA Fashion District prom