Christmas and New Year’s Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours


The Santee Alley and surrounding retailers on Santee Street and Maple Avenue are expected to open on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. Retailers in other parts of the district are expected to have limited hours. See a map of the area here.


Wholesale businesses are expected to close on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Hours may vary by business on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.


The LA Flower Markets will be closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. The California Flower Mall will be open with limited hours on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. It will close on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

All businesses in the Fashion District are independently owned and operated. For exact business hours, please contact the businesses directly.

2017 Santee Winter Wonderland!

2017 Santee Winter Wonderland

2017 Santee Winter Wonderland – Saturday, December 9, 2017 – 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Santa is coming to town! Join us for a day of holiday cheer and family fun in The Santee Alley. Santee Winter Wonderland is a holiday community event with activities for the whole family. Admission to the event is FREE.

❄️ FREE Selfies with Santa, 12 noon to 3 p.m.

❄️ Holiday Arts & Crafts

❄️ Kids Game Zone

❄️ Balloon Art for Kids

❄️ Face Painting

❄️ Food, shopping, more!

The event will be held on 11th Street between Santee Street and Maple Avenue in partnership with Councilmember Jose Huizar, Council District 14.
See last year’s event here.

2017 Santee Winter Wonderland2017 Santee Winter Wonderland Santa 2017 Santee Winter Wonderland games 2017 Santee Winter Wonderland family activities Santee Winter Wonderland Elf Santee Winter Wonderland chalk  Santee Winter Wonderland arts and crafts

photos by Piero F. Giunti

Santee Winter Wonderland is hosted by the LA Fashion District Business Improvement District (BID) in partnership with The Santee Alley.

UPDATED: Shop Halloween Costume, Accessories & DIY Supplies in the Fashion District

Halloween Costume Shopping Guide
Do you have your Halloween costume ready? We’ve compiled a list of resources to make your last-minute Halloween costume search that much easier. Feel free to refer to the Santee Alley’s previous Halloween shopping guide for additional information here and scroll below for information on where to find costumes, costume accessories, wigs, makeup, and DIY costume supplies…

Halloween Costume

Halloween costume at Spice Lingerie, 915 Santee St. #3-4

Adult Halloween Costume & Costume Accessories: The best places to find adult costumes in the Fashion District are the lingerie stores. The most popular brand is Leg Avenue, but we’ve also seen Be Wicked and a couple of lesser known brands in stock. On average brand name costumes start $40-$45, while costumes that are not brand name can be had for half the cost. A full list of lingerie stores in the district can be found on our searchable directory. We recommend visiting Santee Alley, where you will find the largest concentration of lingerie stores in the district. Spice Intimates (1143 inside Santee Alley) has a great selection of Leg Avenue costumes, and My Secret Fashion (1140 inside Santee Alley) has Be Wicked costumes.

For a one-stop-shop we recommend Spice Lingerie, located at 915 Santee St. Suites 3 and 4. Here you’ll find adult costumes, costume accessories, wigs, hosiery, and it is the only store where we’ve seen men’s costumes!

Outside the Santee Alley area, stop by Beverly Hills Hosiery (810 S Los Angeles St.) for custom and one-of-a-kind costumes and costume accessories. Established in 1934, Beverly Hills Hosiery is well-known for their vintage lingerie carries costumes year round and supplies many a Hollywood costume designer around town. It’s one of the district’s true hidden gems 😉

Halloween costume accessories

Costume accessories at Spice Lingerie, 915 Santee St. #3-4

DIY Costume Supplies: Tutus, sequined tops and shorts, corsets, boas, masks, bunny ears… you name it we have it. Some of these items can be found at the lingerie stores mentioned above. Beverly Hills Hosiery in particular is great for DIY costume inspiration and supplies. For raw materials and specialty items – plain masks to decorate yourself, peacock feathers, butterfly/fairy wings, beads and sequins, millinery supplies, foam, etc. – we suggest paying a visit to the trim and bead stores located in the textiles area of the district. Our two favorites are Michael Levine (919-920 Maple Ave.) and  Perial Company (908 S Maple Ave). Moskatel’s (738 Wall St.) is another great option for DIY and crafting supplies. Like Michael’s but bigger, Moskatel’s carries Halloween decor as well.

Halloween costume DIY

Wings, tutu skirts, feathers, and more at Perial Company, 908 S Maple Ave.

Halloween Costume Accessories

Masks, hats, trims, and accessories at Perial Company

Wigs & Makeup: Again, Santee Alley is the go-to place for this. Just take a look at the selection below.

Halloween costume wigs

Gloria Accessories, 1013 inside Santee Alley

Halloween costume makeup

HM Hormiguitas, 315 E 11th St. Unit B inside Santee Alley

Halloween costume wig

Spice Lingerie, 915 Santee St. #3-4

Kids’ Costumes: The best place for kids’ costumes in the district is Santee Alley. As of the day this post was written we’ve seen only girls costumes, mainly Disney inspired princess costumes. Three’s for Me (1055 Maple Ave.) has Frozen-inspired Elsa costumes!

Halloween costume for girls

For more Halloween costume inspiration and current inventory, visit our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and the Santee Alley’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Marking and Grading Services

extreme marking and grading

We get a lot of questions regarding manufacturing and production services in the district. In an effort to better answer your questions, we partnered with Extreme Marking and Grading to answer the most frequently asked questions about marking and grading services in the LA Fashion District.

What is marking and grading?

Grading refers to the process of creating additional sizes based on the sample garment; increasing or decreasing the measurements of a sample to create patterns for all necessary sizes. Then the patterns are fitted over fabric in the most efficient way possible. This secondary process is known as marking. Marking is the process of creating a guideline for how fabric should be cut to minimize waste. The “marker” is digitized and used during the production process.

How does the marking and grading process work?

The designer brings their pattern to a marking and grading specialist. It can be a paper pattern or digital file. (Paper patterns are digitized as part of the marking and grading process.) The pattern is then sized up and/or down (grading) and the production marker is created based on the new patterns.

extreme marking and grading 2

Where does marking and grading fall on the manufacturing process timeline?

First a pattern must be made. The designer then makes a sample from the pattern. Once the sample is finalized, it can proceed to the grading and marking process.

Advice for emerging designers looking to get designs manufactured for the first time?

Be patient and don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

About Extreme Marking and Grading

Extreme Marking and Grading specializes in first patterns, production patterns, duplicates, sample size runs, small productions, cutting, digitizing, grading, markers, file conversion, print outs, and marker plotting.

The company was founded by Jose Carlos Aguirre in 2001, who began his career in the apparel industry at the age of 14 working in a sewing workshop in Mexico.

Extreme Marking & Grading Inc.
719 S Los Angeles St #380
Los Angeles, CA 90014


Where Fashion Meets Art

Etam Cru - Where Fashion Meets Art

Photo by BIRDMAN

The LA Fashion District has long been a center of creativity and a welcoming home for artists and galleries. Fashion is after all, often considered an art form. Most recently, Hong Kong-based Avenue des Arts opened at the corner of 8th and Los Angeles Streets and installed five new murals behind its new location. You can see the murals at 8th and Werdin Place. Late last month, Jeff Hamilton Studios hosted an international street art fair pop-up at 935 S Wall St, which the gallery plans to make a monthly event, and earlier this year Mugello Gallery opened at 818 Spring St. Currently there are at least 11 art galleries operating in the Fashion District and 11 large-scale murals, most of which are located in the northwestern quadrant.


Mermaid on Main - Where Fashion Meets Art

Photo by BIRDMAN

Avenue des Art Mural - Where Fashion Meets Art

Photo via Avenue des Arts

Teddy Kelly Mural - Where Fashion Meets Art

Photo via Janna Conner

Unsurprisingly, Eighth Street has become the connecting thoroughfare between the galleries and murals. The street itself boasts Pskaufman Gallery and seven murals, starting at Werdin Place and ending with Etam Cru’s Mr. Rooster at 8th and Wall Street. Eighth Street connects to the Santee Village courtyard, where REN Gallery and Diego Cardoso Gallery are located, and serves as a hub for residential life. Fashion District artists can be seen hanging out at No Ghost Bears (formerly Coffee Colab), their art is displayed at Cleaners LA, they walk across the street to grab tacos at Sonoratown from which anyone can enjoy an unobstructed view of Teddy Kelly‘s colorful abstract, (8th and Los Angeles St) or head over to Wild Living Foods (8th and Main St). The health food spot has an equally colorful mural inside. Nearby, there is another project by a Fashion District artist in the works.

Where Fashion Meets Art

Murals and Galleries in the Fashion District - Where Fashion Meets Art

Art is all around us. But in a place like the Fashion District, where the air buzzes with creativity and color and texture abound, it feels especially at home. The art here is vibrant, colorful, reflective of its urban location, and often culturally significant. It’s representative of the district. We highly recommend it.


There’s a gorgeous mural by artist CYRCLE inside Rossoblu. It’s open to the public during restaurant hours, Tuesday-Sunday, 6-10 p.m.

Rossoblu - Where Fashion Meets Art

Photo via We Heart

Check out Fashion District galleries during the next Downtown Art Walk, on the second Thursday every month, 6-10 p.m. Take a self-guided tour of Fashion District murals using the map above.