Coming Soon… The French Closet by Jackie Johnson

Jackie Johnson of the French Closet

The Fashion District prides itself on supporting emerging designers and fashion entrepreneurs from all over the world, but it’s especially heartwarming to foster local talent.

Local meteorologist and TV personality Jackie Johnson is starting a clothing line for price-conscious women who want to look effortlessly stunning while on the go. Based in the Fashion District, The French Closet is a smart and sexy collection of feminine pieces that can be dressed up or down and worn all year long. The styles are classic closet-staples, versatile and flattering on all body types.

We had the opportunity to do a Q&A with Jackie and learn about what inspired her to start a career in fashion and why she chose to base her business in the LA Fashion District.

The French Closet

Fashion District (FD): We know you as a TV personality, but how did you get started in fashion?

Jackie Johnson (JJ): I’ve actually been sketching clothes since I was in high school! I love art. And I feel like clothes are a form of art. After being on TV for more than 10 years, I’ve struggled to find those “perfect fitting pieces”. So I just started making what I couldn’t find. Soon people were asking me to make them the same thing and it just grew organically from there.

FD: Your line focuses on timeless pieces. What was the inspiration for The French Closet’s aesthetic?

JJ: I’m a big traveler, and I always admired how French women have such small closets, yet they always look so good! I wanted to create that sense of effortless, minimalist style… without skimping on the feminine details.

The French Closet style

The collection will include 10 clothing pieces: A beautiful feminine blouse, a black pencil skirt, versatile black pants, a little black dress, white shorts, a striped boat neck cotton shirt, a sexy camisole, a turtleneck sweater*, a red dress*, and a camel coat*. There will also be one accessory – a black belt.

Two additional pieces will be added to the collection each season.

the french closet clothing line

JJ: I also didn’t want to leave the men out. I’ve always been obsessed with men’s ties, so I designed what I think is the most luxurious men’s tie I’ve ever seen (pictured above).

FD: We were so excited to learn The French Closet is based in the Fashion District. What drew you the area?

JJ: I’ve worked with a few factories in the Fashion District. I even did my photo shoot there. I absolutely LOVE the LA Fashion District, it has such a cool artistic vibe. I hope to get a loft [in the district] one day.

FD: We’re flattered! It’s always refreshing to see emerging designers who consciously choose to be Made in LA. What made you choose Los Angeles over a foreign manufacturer?

JJ: I love LA. I really do. This city has been my home for more than 10 years now, and the people here have been so kind to me. I love my fashion line being based out of here. I’m so lucky and proud to be able to work and live here.

The French Closet is expected to debut later this summer and will be available for purchase at $2 will be donated to charity for every item sold.

*Available Fall 2015