FAQ: What is the difference between the “showroom buildings” and the “cash-and-carry” showrooms?

If you are a first time buyer in the Fashion District, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the vast amount of options available to wholesale buyers. Especially for those starting a new business, there seems to be confusion regarding the difference between showrooms and fast fashion vendors.

Showrooms often represent one or various designers. They have samples of the designer’s upcoming collection for buyers to view when they are placing orders. These showrooms are typically found in the buildings on 9th and Los Angeles Streets: The California Market Center, The Cooper Design Space, The New-Mart, and the Gerry Building. There are also a couple other showroom buildings in the area including the Primrose Building, the Lady Liberty Building, and the Academy Awards Clothing Showroom Building. These showrooms are always one season ahead. This means they show their spring lines in the fall, and their fall lines in the spring. For example they will be showing the Spring 2013 collections in October 2012.

Why do showrooms show collections a season in advance? Because designers who are represented in this showrooms produce their lines on a demand basis. They only produce as many pieces as they receive orders for.

If you are looking to purchase in season (you want to buy from the spring collections during spring) we suggest buying from a fast fashion vendor. Fast fashion refers to the idea of paying for your goods and taking them with you that same day, as opposed to waiting for your order to go into production and be shipped to you. Fast fashion vendors have already produced or imported their current collections. They are selling what they already have available. Fast fashion vendors usually have lower price points than you would find in showrooms, and they typically do not carry designer or brand name clothing. Fast fashion vendors can be found throughout the entire Fashion District, and are often referred to simply as “wholesale” vendors.

For minimums, shipping dates, and any other specific information you must contact the individual showrooms directly as these vary depending on each business.

For more information visit our website at www.fashiondistrict.org.