How to Shop Sample Sales

Shopping sample sales at the Fashion District can be a little overwhelming. We’ve already told you about parking and navigating buildings, but there are a few tips to keep in mind. Our sample sale veterans probably already know these, but if you’re new to the sample sale scene or a first timer the following tips are a must.

Do your research 

There are over 1,200 showrooms in the Fashion District, and not all of them will be open to the public. Instead of running around from floor to floor, take some time to do a little research beforehand and figure out which showrooms will be having sales. You can find out about sample sales on this blog, our Facebook, Twitter, the Cooper Building’s Facebook and Twitter, and The California Market Center’s Facebook and Twitter. Each building will also have a bulletin board with sample sale flyers in their lobby. More often than not, showrooms will post their flyers last minute, so check to make sure you’re not missing out on a good sale.

Available Sizes

Sample sizes are usually size 2 or 4, but that doesn’t mean those will be the only sizes available. Some showrooms carry size 6 or mediums, depending on the line, and many bring in overstock merchandise in all sizes to sell on sample sale days.

Bring cash but…

Most sample sales are cash only. However, paying in cash is not a green light to haggle. Though some showrooms might not mind cutting you a deal, most showrooms have set prices and merchandise will already be discounted 50-70% off retail price, if not more. Respect the set prices. The guys and gals working the showrooms are awesome, super friendly people and they might offer to give you extra discounts anyway… like when they don’t have change.

It’s OK to try before you buy

Showrooms don’t have fitting rooms but you can try clothes on anyway. Some prefer to do it in a corner; others do it in the middle of the showroom. While it’s not uncommon to see women stripping out of their clothes to try something on, we highly suggest you come prepared to avoid flashing your goodies to fellow shoppers. Wearing Spanx or lyrcra shorts under your clothes is totally acceptable. We also suggest wearing a layering tank and shoes that are easy to take off/put on. For those of you that don’t mind stripping naked in front of strangers, please remember to wear appropriate underwear.