Clean & Safe Team

Safe Team

Our 60-member Clean & Safe Team, clad in the LA Fashion District’s signature yellow, are on patrol 24-hours a day, seven days a week, working to maintain a positive public environment for our community.

Clean Team
The Clean Team keeps the LA Fashion District looking its best with daily sidewalk cleaning and graffiti removal. Other Clean Team services include the regular removal of visitor street trash. The Clean Team washes over 14.5 million square feet of sidewalk per quarter and collects and disposes of over six tons of trash daily. The Clean Team is contracted through Chrysalis.

Safe Team
The highly trained Safe Team serves as the eyes and the ears of the Los Angeles Police Department. Safe Team officers patrol the LA Fashion District on bike, foot and by night vehicle. The Safe Team deals with activity such as panhandling, street disorder and trespassing, as well as providing safety escort, visitor assistance and support at numerous special events. The Safe Team is contracted through Universal Protection Service.

Contact the Clean & Safe Team, 24-hours a day, seven days a week:

LA Fashion District Clean & Safe Team Field Office
424 E. 15th Street, #11
Los Angeles, CA 90015
tel: 213.741.2661 (24-HOUR RESPONSE)
fax: 213.741.2666

Protect Your Property: How To File a Yearly No Trespassing Authorization Form

One way to ensure your property is protected is to post “NO TRESPASSING” signs in appropriate areas AND file a “No Trespass Authorization Form” each year with Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). This form when filed with LAPD allows LAPD to arrest trespassers on your property.

You can download the form here. If anyone is to trespass on your property this will assist LAPD in filing the proper charges and making an arrest.  You can submit the form via email to: or drop it off at Fashion District BID, 110 E. Ninth Street, Suite A1175.  We will file it with LAPD for you.