LA Fashion District Textiles a Contributor to SACHIKA’s S/S 2012 Collection

The Sachika Twins at their LA Fashion Week runway show finale
The LA Fashion District has nearly 200 wholesale and retail textile businesses dedicated to serving apparel, home and accessory designers with the best domestic and international fabrics, trim and beading and at the best prices. Many designers rely on the resources in our district to create their seasonal collections. The duo designers of SACHIKA are a great example. They recently debuted for the very first time in Los Angeles their S/S 2012 collection at the October 2011 Concept LA Fashion Week. We chatted with them and learned what fabrics and trims they bought from the district to construct their fantasy-world inspired collection titled “Mermaid Paradise: Dance with the Ocean”.

When the identical twin designers, To-Tam and To-Nya from New York City, by way of Paris and Montreal, are not filming scenes for E!’s “Ice Loves Coco” reality show, they are constantly designing for either their celebrity clients or working on their own ventures (denim line, swimwear line, accessories). That’s why they are no strangers to the LA Fashion District. “It’s our home away from home,” says To-Nya.

“We love how extensive the LA Fashion District is. There are so many blocks and they all carry such different things at a great price range. And the bustling energy is infectious!” said To-Tam.
Shopping at the LA Fashion District is also a practicality. “Many suppliers in NY have a parent company in LA,” revealed To-Nya. “And since the prices get racked up in NY, we like to come to the LA Fashion District.”
So when it came time to create their spring 2012 collection, the twins shopped at their go-to stores on the corner of Maple and 9th Streets. They searched for shiny, sequin fabrics that were complementary to the female body such as Ponte, silk satin and mixed novel jersey. “We know how the Modern Woman wants to feel in a dress, so we also always search for fabrications that will accentuate her body.”

The SACHIKA Modern Woman, according to the twins, is someone who’s fierce, independent and ambitious. This particular collection – inspired by mermaids – conveyed a strong, sensual mood that was all about celebrating the feminine body. The silhouettes of the cocktail dresses, tailored ready-to-wear and evening gowns were fitted, the breezy printed tops and pants evoked an island fantasy mood, and the color scheme resembled the sea and sand such as coral, blue, earth tones, ivory, charcoal and stone. One dress was even completely sequin, demonstrating a replica of fish scales.

Additionally, many of the fabrics the designers like to buy from the LA Fashion District are European fabrics, especially from Italy, because they like the cut and design. “A great outfit starts with great fabrics, you have to have the right ingredients,” said the SACHIKA Twins. They also buy designs with an Asian flair as the sisters like to infuse a sense of their heritage in their line.

Though LA Fashion Week came and went, the SACHIKA Twins are still progressing forward. “SACHIKA is a movement for us; it’s about having a vision and creating a lifestyle,” said the twins. The sisters are currently working on their own TV show. Whatever the project, we hope that the LA Fashion District continues to be a creative contributor!
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