Manufacturing in the Fashion District

We’ve received a lot of questions recently regarding manufacturing in our district. For those of you wondering, we have a select group of private label manufacturers, sewing contractors, and sample makers in the area. Below you will find a list of the most commonly asked about services and contact information for each. You can find a full list of manufacturing contacts in our directory.

Private Label

Private label manufacturing refers to the manufacturing of products by a company under another company’s brand. This ranges from creating and printing design screens to simply adding logos.

For private label manufacturing in the Fashion District contact Sepehr at Thread Addiction Clothing. Thread Addiction specializes in hand silk screens, hand placed nail heads, and embroidery. Everything is handmade in LA; they do not outsource any of their services. For a quote, contact Sepehr at 213-841-9533. Please keep in mind, there is a 150 minimum per order.

Pattern Making/Grading

Pattern makers bring design drawings to life by making the patterns for garments to be sewn together. Patterns are necessary for mass production to ensure all the garments are made the same. Grading refers to making the same pattern in different sizes. For pattern making quotes and more information, contact Amado at 323-350-1798.

Sewing Contractors

Sewing contractors take patterns and sew them together for mass quantities. For quotes, contact sewing contractors directly:

Patrick: 323-817-9457
Todd: 213-245-0717