New Kids on the Block

There’s a new kid on the block in the district. In fact, there’s three and they’ve set up shop at 715 S. Los Angeles St. In an area long known for it’s suit vendors and mainstream formal wear, the trio strives to bring the art of high-fashion and a breath of fresh air to the district.

The boutique, which as of this post did not have a name, is the brainchild of long time friends Henry Duarte, William Beranek, and Michel Berandi. All three have extensive experience in the fashion industry, namely designing tour costumes and styling Los Angele’s entertainment industry. Between the three, they’ve dressed some of rock & roll’s biggest names: Metallica, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Steven Tyler… and the list goes on. They’ve also designed their own clothing lines (Duarte and William started their careers as business partners in the mid 80s) and have worked on various projects over the years.

About a month ago, they opened the doors to their newest venture, the boutique at 715, which doubles as their design and manufacturing studio. The multi-purpose space showcases the individual work of all three designers, blending their each designer’s aesthetics into one cohesive art display.

Duarte and Berandi’s jackets, denim, and leather designs cover most of the racks. The intricately detailed pieces display the designers’ expert tailoring and dedication to aesthetic. Duarte still finds inspiration in his costuming and styling work. Much of his line stems from custom show pieces he created for celebrities; only his favorites are kept in the collection. Berandi draws his inspiration from the human anatomy, nature, and rock and roll.
The attention-grabbing displays aren’t just for show. They’re meant to educate. Bernardi hopes to raise the bar for Los Angeles fashion. He wants L.A. designers to strive higher and for Angelinos to be interested. If we catch the attention of the street worker walking by, we’ve already added something to L.A.’s fashion scene, says Berandi.
Among all the rock star duds Beranek displays his current project “Hung on You”, a women’s pant collection made from recycled 70s vintage men’s pants. Beranek takes the original pant apart and reshapes it into different sizes. Every pant is handmade. Because he selectively thrift shops for all his pieces, no two pants are the same. The idea for Hung on You came after years of designing and producing ready to wear lines.You can learn more about Beranek and Hung on You here.
If you’re not convinced to stop by 715 yet, the boutique’s decor alone is reason to change your mind. Modeled after a natural history museum it’s lined with reptile and insect displays. “Fossils” accentuate the museum vibe and a few animals heads line the walls. It is truly a unique experience.

In the backroom studio the production team is busy at work. Much of the sourcing for denim and knits is done in L.A. Custom orders can also be produced on the spot.
Visit at 715 S. Los Angeles St. Los Angeles, CA.