New Public Art in the LA Fashion District

Murals continue to pop up in Werdin Alley! In case you don’t know, Werdin Alley is located on 8th street between Los Angeles and Main. Thanks to nearby art galleries, this alley has been activated with eye-catching murals that intrigue pedestrians to explore the alley beyond what’s visible to the passerby.

Over the past few weeks Werdin Alley welcomed two new murals: “Love” by Chris Riggs and “Reinvention” by Brett Crawford x WRDSMTH.

Love by Chris Riggs

“Love” by Chris Riggs

Chris Riggs is a New York City artist whose art focuses on combinations of cubism, abstract, surrealism, minimalism, pop and street art. His art can be seen on walls in NYC, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles. You can learn more about Chris Riggs and his art here.

Reinvention by Brett Crawford x WRDSMTH

“Reinvention” by Brett Crawford x WRDSMTH

A street artist, painter, metal sculptor, toy designer and illustrator, Brett Crawford, uses hidden symbols and pop references throughout his art. You can find his solo mural directly next to this recent collaboration in #WerdinAlley. Learn more about Brett and his art here.

With the mission of inspiring others, WRDSMTH is an LA based street artist whose work you’ve probably seen on walls throughout the world. Learn more about WRDSMTH here.

Besides new murals, the LA Fashion District became the home to local artist, S.C. Mero‘s (in collaboration with Wild Life) latest installation. “9th St. Jazz”, located at 9th and Santee, was a traffic median makeover that transformed a dull traffic median into a lively jazz club.


“9th St. Jazz” art installation

This gorilla art installation is one of S.C. Mero’s many installations here in Downtown LA. Read more about this tactical artist and her work here and here.
BONUS: On Saturday, February 16th “9th St. Jazz” offered a free pubic performance by Smiling Beth & Freckle Face.