Renew the BID in 2018!

About the LA Fashion District BID

For 23 years, the nonprofit LA Fashion District BID has been working to keep our 100-block neighborhood safe and clean. The BID has:

  • A 15-member Board of Directors, consisting of LA Fashion District property owners
  • A 7-member management team that directs the day-to-day operation of BID programs

Today the LA Fashion District is becoming a highly sought-after neighborhood and epicenter of Los Angeles creativity and style. Property values are rising. New businesses, restaurants and residents, are contributing to a colorful, eclectic crossroads of commerce, culture, creative businesses, and culinary offerings.

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Current BID Benefits

  • 24/7 Safety Patrol: Deal with thefts, encampments, trespassing, illegal vending, aggressive behaviors, etc.
  • 560+ wellness checks a month to assist people who look like they are in need of medical assistance/homeless
  • 12,900+ crime prevention checks per month
  • Serve as district ambassadors

New BID Benefits

  • All current benefits
  • 5 additional safe team members (proposed)



Current BID Benefits

  • Trash Removal: 6 tons of trash collected daily, 214.3 tons collected every month
  • Graffiti Removal: 2,500+ tags removed every month
  • Pressure Washing: 1,498,182 sq. ft. of sidewalks and public space washed every month

New BID Benefits

  • All current benefits
  • 8 additional clean team members (proposed)


Urban Dinner 2016-243

Current BID Benefits

  • 41,000+ visitors to website per month
  • Promote district to social media audience
    • Facebook: 51,557 followers
    • Instagram: 25,414 followers
    • Twitter: 9,846
    • Pinterest: 21,400
  • Regular emails to 10,178 subscribers
  • Events: Santee Winter Wonderland & Urban Dinner Party

New BID Benefits

  • All current benefits
  • Increased focus on government advocacy for transit, safety, homelessness, etc.
  • Launch of new logo
  • Additional marketing and media outreach


  • What is a BID?

    A Business Improvement District (BID) is a formally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in a defined region. Typical BID services include sidewalk cleaning, trash removal, safety ambassador patrols, beautification, and advocacy for policies and projects that will benefit the BID’s district. The services provided by BIDs supplement services provided by the City.

  • How is the BID funded?

    The BID is funded through special assessments collected from property owners within the defined boundaries of the district.

  • How long has the Fashion District had a BID?

    The LA Fashion District has had a BID since 1996.

  • What are the boundaries of the proposed BID?

    Click here for a map of the proposed BID boundaries.

  • Who decides on the formation of the BID?

    Property owners within the proposed boundaries decide whether or not a BID is formed.

  • Why does the BID need to be renewed?

    If the BID is not renewed, services will be terminated per City ordinance. BIDs operate on a designated life. The current life cycle of the LA Fashion District BID ends December 31, 2018.
    In the last year of the BID’s lifecycle, the BID’s stakeholders decide whether or not the BID should go through the renewal process, which enables the organization to continue providing services.

  • How long is the BID renewing for?

    The LA Fashion District BID is renewing for an 8-year term, 2019-2026.

  • How does the BID get renewed?

    The BID is renewed in two steps: petitions and ballots.

    Step 1: Petition Phase
    All property owners within the proposed BID boundaries will receive a petition package by February 22, 2018. The BID must receive petitions in-favor of renewing the BID from property owners representing 50.1% of the total assessment to be paid.

    Step 2: Ballot Phase
    All property owners within the proposed BID boundaries will receive a ballot in the mail. For the BID to renew, a majority of ballots must be cast in favor of the BID, weighted by assessment to be paid.

    Petitions and ballots are sent to the mailing address on record with the County Assessor’s office.

  • How do I vote?

    Step 1: Return your signed petition via fax, email, or mail by March 1st.


    Mail: LA Fashion District BID
    110 E 9th St, Suite A-1175
    Los Angeles, CA 90079

    Fax: 213-488-5159

  • What if I have not received my petition?

    If you do not receive you petition by February 22, 2018 please call Jose at 213-488-1153 ext. 711.

  • Who can vote?

    Only the property owner or legal representative of the property owner is allowed to vote.

  • Why should I vote YES?

    If your property or tenants have enjoyed the services the LA Fashion District has provided for over 23 years, we ask that you vote YES for

    • Clean, safe and marketing services to continue
    • Increased focus on government advocacy for safety, transit, homelessness, etc.
    • Additional marketing and media outreach
  • What if the BID does not renewed?

    All BID services will be terminated on December 31, 2018.

  • Why should I pay the BID for these services? Shouldn’t the city provide them?

    BIDs do not replace City services. BIDs provide services above and beyond what the City offers. BIDs provide consistent clean and safety services and marketing and promotion services that the City does not provide. Additional services provided include: trash removal from sidewalks, tree-trimming, pressure washing, additional graffiti removal, 24-hour patrol, daily homeless outreach, crime prevention checks, marketing, advocacy, event programming, etc.

  • If the BID is renewed, can I opt out?

    No, the BID assessment is mandatory.

  • Who will manage the BID?

    The LA Fashion District BID is managed by a 15-member Board of Directors, who are elected into office by fellow property owners. The Board holds regular, public meetings.

  • Who should I contact with questions?

    Contact LA Fashion District BID Executive Director, Rena Masten Leddy at 213-488-1153 ext. 713 or