Made in LA: Behind the Scenes with Ryan Roberts


Today we take you behind the scenes at Ryan Roberts, a luxury sportswear line based in the LA Fashion District. The Canadian designer relocated his business to Los Angeles 14 years ago by way of San Francisco, and a few years ago opened for business in the Fashion District. Ryan graciously welcomed us to his design studio and shared his insight on what it really means to manufacture in Los Angeles.


How would you describe the Ryan Roberts collection?
Ryan Roberts is understated, better contemporary. We focus on minimal but functional styles that are timeless yet current, and can be worn every day. We originally started as a menswear line, and though we have since expanded to include women’s, we are still best known for our men’s coats.


What makes Ryan Roberts different from other sportswear brands?
We are very mindful of the fabrics we use and source mostly European fabrics. Ryan Roberts is luxury made easy for those who are constantly on the go. Our pieces are effortless and travel well, but at the same time look professional. It’s about combining utility and sophistication in every piece we create.


Why do you choose to Manufacture in LA?
Los Angeles gives us a competitive edge. Instead of being forced to manufacture by season we can fulfill immediates to retailers year-round. We work only with better specialty boutiques, no department stores, so if something is doing really well in one store we can create additional pieces for that buyer, and they can have it in their store within a couple weeks.

It also gives us flexibility, allowing us to create limited collections that might only be 20 pieces instead of having to manufacture large quantities. It keeps us constantly busy and keeps the contractors that we work with employed.

Ryan Roberts is not just made in LA, it’s made in the Fashion District!
Yes, all our clothing has a special “Made in LA” tag. It really gives it a special edge.


What can we expect from Ryan Roberts in the future?
We’re looking to open our e-commerce site later this year, so shoppers can purchase directly from our site


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