Where to shop for affordable menswear in the LA Fashion District


Did you know the LA Fashion District is divided into various sub-districts? It’s true! Most people are familiar with the larger sub-districts like the LA Flower District and the LA Fabric District, but the entire area is divided into product groupings. The vendors in these areas are typically wholesale only, but some do open to the public. The Fashion District’s menswear area runs roughly from Los Angeles Street to Maple Avenue from 14th to 16th Street. (Not to be confused with the formal menswear area on the other side of Los Angeles Street.)

Here you will find casual menswear including jeans, jackets, blazers, casual and dress shirts, cowboy and western shirts, t-shirts, streetwear, tank tops, shorts, polos, athletic wear, and during the summer months even swimwear. Insider Tip: A lot of what you’ll find here is very similar, if not the same, to what you would find in Santee Alley, without the crowds and with much easier parking.


The vendors here are typically manufacturers, distributors, or importers, and in some cases they are a mix of all three. Because you’re buying direct from the source, it cuts out the middle-man and enables vendors to offer much lower pricing than you would get elsewhere.


For cowboy and western wear, we recommend stopping by Patroncito (pictured above) located at 1520 Santee St.


Some of the stores also carry close-out brand name items such as Dickies and Levis.

Not sure where to go? Download a map of the LA Fashion District here.