Sourcing at the Fashion District with J Etta Beauty


Sourcing for J Etta Beauty at JB Textiles, 836 Maple Ave

This blog has long been a platform to share information about the LA Fashion District and its many businesses, but today we are highlighting the shoppers and designers who rely on it for inspiration and supplies.

Earlier this week we met with Michele Van Beek of J Etta Beauty, a line of  fashionable chemo hats. Michele launched J Etta earlier this year in honor of her mother, who passed away from cancer last June. We asked Michele to share her story and tips on where to source in the Fashion District.


Michele looking for embellishments at Perial Company, 908 S Maple Ave

“I felt like Alice in Wonderland the first time I visited, and now it’s my favorite place to be!” she said of her first trip to the district. When sourcing for J Etta Beauty, Michele likes to explore the fabric and trim shops around 9th Street and Maple Avenue, but there are two vendors she frequents Perial Company (908 S Maple Ave) for embellishments and JB Textiles (836 Maple Ave) for fabrics.

Perial Company looks and feels like a costume designer’s paradise. The store specializes in beaded fringe and feathers. You’ll also find tassels, foam, gimp, cord, trims, masks, beads, gloves, and rhinestones.


Perial Company, 908 S Maple Ave

JB Textiles is one of those businesses that have made the district famous for its endless rows of fabric rolls. Its walls are lined with lycra, spandex, stretch lace, vinyl, leather, chiffon, and faux furs.


JB Textiles, 836 Maple Ave

“J Etta Beauty is a company built on the love I had for someone and intended to bring love and joy to others in the same battle.” After her mother’s death, Michele turned to fashion as a creative outlet. She taught herself to sew and created her first chemo hat using a pattern she bought online. J Etta Beauty now boasts three different patterns. Each hat is handmade and takes at least three hours to complete.

Michele hopes to have J Etta Beauty stocked in hospital gift shops one day, but for now she’s focusing on donating hats to cancer patients and growing her Etsy shop. Half of all proceeds are donated for cancer research.


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Perial Company
908 S Maple Ave

JB Textiles
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J Etta Beauty
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