The Historic Bendix Building: Fusing Fashion and Art


Throughout the years, the Bendix Building has housed the regional offices of the Boy Scouts of America, Wilshire Oil Company and the Federal Housing Administration. Originally built for the Bendix Aviation Corporation, it has since earned its street cred with the fashion industry.

Standing tall with its original neon sign at 1206 Maple Ave., the Bendix Building has gone on to become a staple to the Fashion District for its beauty and its history. The Bendix Building was developed by Florence Casler, and in the 1920s this was a big deal. She prevailed in a male-dominated real estate industry and became a prominent developer in Fashion District. She created her own Casler Construction Company, the building of the Bendix Building for the Bendix Aviation Coorporation being her biggest client.


Currently, the Bendix Building is home to approximately 30 artist studios, seven public art spaces, and many cultural pop-ups. According to the LA Weekly, these are the seven venues that make the Bendix a “must-see stop on any modern art gallery itinerary”: Chateau Studio, Durden and Ray, JOAN, PØST, Monte Vista Projects, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, and Track 16.

Here’s just a little peek into what art you might be able to enjoy at the Bendix Building!