The LA Flower District

Did you know the LA Flower District is actually within the LA Fashion District? Located at the northeast border of the Fashion District, the entire area is lined with gorgeous blooms, and the best part is it’s open to the public!

The LA Flower District is Southern California’s premier destination for wholesale fresh cut flowers and floral supplies. It is home to the Los Angeles Flower Market, the largest flower market in the United States,which is comprised of the American Florists’ Exchange and the Southern California Flower Market. The LA Flower Market has special hours for the public, that vary by day of the week.

Down the street from the Flower Market, you’ll find the California Flower Mall. The Flower Mall is open 7 days a week and has extended hours for the public. It’s also free!

History of the LA Flower District
The history of the LA Flower District dates back to the 1800s when Japanese American farmers began planting and cultivating flower fields near Santa Monica and south of the city of Los Angeles. The Southern California Flower Market was founded in 1923 near its current location. The American Florists’ Exchange was organized by European immigrants around 1917. They became the Los Angeles Flower Market in 1921.

The small flower growers’ farms would eventually evolve to supply fresh cut flowers fro the entire nation. Though we no longer see fields of flowers in Los Angeles, some of the Flower District vendors still grow the blooms they sell. The market has become so successful many independent flower vendors opened up businesses in the surrounding area becoming what is now known as the LA Flower District.

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