Tips for Buying Flowers at the LA Flower District on Mother’s Day


As we mentioned previously, the LA Flower District is extending its hours to accommodate Mother’s Day shoppers this weekend. Mother’s Day is the busiest holiday for our flower vendors. Mother’s Day sales account for over half of their annual flower sales! Needless to say it gets pretty busy around here. Over the years we’ve found following these tips to be quite helpful for shopping in the flower district:

  • BRING CASH We cannot stress this enough. Most flower vendors are cash only. There are a couple ATM machines in the area in case you forget, but it’s always best to come prepared!
  • PARKING Street parking can be difficult to find during the busier hours of the day. We suggest parking in one of the nearby parking lots. You can download the LA Fashion District Parking App and it will show you the existing parking lots in the area. If you live nearby you can also take public transportation to the district.
  • FOR THE FRESHEST FLOWERS Come early! Flowers are typically delivered very early in the morning, before the sun comes out. The least exposure to sunlight and weather, the more fresh they will be.
  • BRING SOMETHING TO PUT YOUR FLOWERS IN If you’re traveling with your flowers you might want to bring something to put them in since fresh cut flowers and most bouquets do not come with a vase. You can also purchase a vase in the district.
  • POTTED PLANTS You’ll find the best selection of potted plants at the Southern California Flower Market (part of the LA Flower Markets) at 755 Wall St.
  • ORCHIDS We have a huge selection of orchids in the district, both inside the flower marts and in the surrounding area around 8th and San Pedro Streets. Most orchid vendors specialize in orchids and can provide information on all the different varieties.