Updated: A Map Guide to the Fashion District

Download Map Here

Over a year ago we put together this map guide of the LA Fashion District, and to this day it is still one of our most popular posts. While most of it still applies, we’ve have a lot of exciting new additions to the district since then. Needless to say we are overdue for a map guide update! If you haven’t read the original map guide, we highly suggest you do so first, as we won’t be repeating all of the information. You can read the original here.

We’ll start at the top of the map and work our way down, from one labeled area to the next:

Housewares, Textiles & Electronics: Everything we said about this area in the original post remains true. Perhaps the most important addition here is that this is where you can find those super warm blankets (you know the ones with the tigers and/or Justin Bieber on them) at steeply discounted prices.

Men’s Wear: Sadly both The Cooper Store and Style Gallery are no longer on Los Angeles Street. Fortunately the street is still a gold mine when it comes to hidden gems. Some of our personal favorites are martinMARTIN, which features avant-garde clothing with a Japanese influence; Seven Points, a boutique dedicated to hip and contemporary men’s clothing; Localita & The Badasserie, the best place for vegan sandwiches, smoothies and all sorts of goodies; Pressed Juicery, because fresh juice, what more can we say?; and coming soon for all our sneaker heads BLENDS.

Flowers: The Flower District is still our favorite downtown oasis. If you’re a Flower District newbie, we suggest reading this.

Textiles: The folks at New Nest Designs put together this awesome guide of the Fabric District. We forgot to mention in the original post that this is also were you will find many of the craft and party supply stores in the district, as well as the bridal accessories and wedding decor.

Ace Hotel: We FINALLY have a hotel in the Fashion District, and it is gorgeous. The Ace took over and renovated the historic United Artist Theatre. More on that here.

Broadway: Perhaps the most happening intersection in Downtown LA, the area around 9th and Broadway is home to the Fashion District’s newest retailers including Urban Outfitters. It will soon be the home to Tarina Tarantino’s Sparkle Factory, Oak NYC, A.P.C., Aesop, and Tanner Goods to name a few. Some of our favorite landmarks here: Ace Hotel/United Artists Theatre and The Orpheum Theatre. Take a self-guided walking tour of Braodway: Part 1 and Part 2.

Prom and Special Evening Gowns: This includes both women’s dresses and men’s suits. We have a list of shopping tips for evening wear here.

Need a map of the Fashion District? Download yours here, or request one from our Safe Team officers while shopping in the district.