Product Groupings

Generally, stores and products (women’s wear, men’s wear, kid’s wear, etc.) are grouped together in close proximity. The following is a useful guide to the most common product groupings in the LA Fashion District.

Accessories – Accessory stores can be found throughout the entire LA Fashion District. Handbags, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, hats, belts are primarily found along Olympic Boulevard, from Main Street to Wall Street and on Main Street and Santee Street, from Olympic Boulevard to Pico Boulevard. Santee Alley is also as an accessory hot spot.

Bridesmaid & Prom – Bridesmaid and prom dresses are mainly found on the northeast corner of Olympic Boulevard and Santee Street, and down Santee Street to 14th Street.

Flowers – The LA Flower Market, the largest flower market in the United States resides in the LA Fashion District, centered along Wall Street, between 7th Street and 8th Street. Many other flower stores are also located along 8th Street, between Wall Street and San Pedro Street.

Kid’s Wear – Kid’s wear, including school uniforms and special occasion is primarily located along 12th Street and Pico Boulevard, between Maple Avenue and San Julian Street.

Men’s Wear – Athletic wear, casual wear and suits can all be found in the District. Men’s athletic wear and casual wear is located along Main Street, Los Angeles Street and Santee Street, from Pico Boulevard to 16th Street. Men’s suits, dress shirts and slacks, from all price points are located on Los Angeles Street, between 7th Street and 9th Street.

Textiles & Notions – The LA Fashion District has the largest concentration of trim, beading and fabric for apparel and home decor in the United States. Textile and notion stores are generally centered within four blocks, from 8th Street down to Olympic Boulevard, between Maple Avenue and San Julian Street.

The Alleys – Santee Alley is the world famous shopping alley, known for its amazing bargains on designer-inspired apparel and accessories for the entire family, as well as its festival, bazaar-like atmosphere. Santee Alley starts on Olympic Boulevard between Santee Street and Maple Avenue and continues for two blocks. The Alley is open 365 days a year.

Women’s Wear – Approximately 80% of the LA Fashion District is devoted to Women’s wear, including contemporary, junior and missy. Women’s wear can be found throughout the entire District, however several defined corridors have emerged along Santee Street, between 9th Street and Pico Boulevard; Pico Boulevard, between Main Street and Santee Street; Wall Street and Maple Street, between Olympic Boulevard and 12th Street.

Wholesale Marts – Major wholesale marts in the LA Fashion District are located at 9th and Los Angeles Streets, and the San Pedro Wholesale Mart, located on 11th Street and San Pedro Street. These wholesale marts are restricted to members of the trade and are not open to the general public, with the exception of sample sales.