Designed in California

Made in California

The California Fashion Association (CFA) is encouraging its members and designers throughout the state to promote their products as “Designed in California”. CFA has created and trademarked a hangtag label to highlight “Designed in California” apparel.

As Ilse Metchek, president of the CFA explained to Apparel News, “The law is very clear for sewn-in labeling and separate hangtags. Sewn-in labels in garments made overseas can say “Designed in California” as long as the country of origin is on the same label in the same size. However, hangtags do not need the country of origin if trademarked. Without a trademark certification on the hangtag, the size of the font for ‘Made in China’ has to be the same size as ‘Made in California.”

For that reason, the “Designed in California” hangtag  allows designers to showcase where the product was designed, instead of focusing on the country where it was made. It highlights the designer’s contribution to the fashion industry in their state and country, which lets buyers recognize and appreciate California’s talent and creativity. The tag was perfected and crafted exclusively for designers that want to show pride in their products.

Although the hangtags would be free of charge upon demand, CFA requests that designers who would want to display the tag on their products, donate one cent per tag as it will support the California Fashion Foundation scholarship fund. The hangtags attract the interest of buyers who want products designed in California, and it also supports goal oriented prospective designers who want to show their talent to the world.

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