Father’s Day Sales at the Fashion District

Still looking for a last-minute gift for Dad? No worries! Roger Stuart, the famed men’s “hidden gem” of the Fashion District is having their bi-annual sale just in time for Father’s Day with discounts of up to 40%. Roger Stuart has been in the Fashion District for 50 years and remains a family-owned business selling only 100% wool suits and tuxedos. They also carry a selection of slacks, dress shirts, sports coats, and ties. As a manufacturer and supplier, Roger Stuart is able to offer steeply discounted prices for suits that retail at double and sometimes triple the price in department stores and boutiques across the nation. It’s a favorite among local city and county executives and a certified BargainsLA hot spot!
Suits are available at all price points, making it easy and convenient to shop whether you wear a suit everyday or are looking for a special occasion outfit. Styles range from classic cuts to newer slim fit styles. Prices can range from around $169 to several hundred dollars depending on quality and style.They truly have something for everyone.
Interesting fact: Roger Stuart will not sell anything made out of synthetic fabrics (a.k.a. polyester). They stick strictly to natural fibers (like wool) because synthetic materials “don’t breathe” making suits hot and uncomfortable to wear. Natural fibers are also much more long-lasting.
So how much can you save by shopping here? Slacks normally retailing for $260 are only $89. Ties you’d find at big name department stores for $80 are $25.72 and non-iron Supima cotton shirts are 50% less at $46.95. It’s a great deal for Dad and your wallet!
Roger Stuart Clothing
729 S. Los Angeles St.