LA Fashion District’s Top 10 FAQs

1. What are the Fashion District hours of operation?
Most stores in the Fashion District are open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Many stores open on Sundays as well, and some wholesalers will open up to the general public on weekends. The Santee Alley and many of the vendors around it stay open 7 days a week. For Flower District hours visit their site here.

2. Is the Fashion District open on holidays?

Yes, generally many vendors in the Fashion District stay open during holidays and holiday weekends. Keep in mind that each vendor sets their own schedule and expect fewer stores to be open on major holidays, but the Santee Alley has been known to be open even on Christmas!

3. Will the Fashion District open if it’s raining?
Yes, we are open rain or shine!

4. Why are animal sales ILLEGAL in the Fashion District?
Animal sales are illegal in the Fashion District to help protect the well-being of the animals and the consumers. Many of these animals are not being taken care of properly and their health and the health of the buyer are being put at risk. For example: Baby bunnies are weaned too early from their mothers and are malnourished. More often than not, they are at great risk of dying. Baby turtles are illegal to sell because of their high risk for salmonella, which they pass on to humans.

5. What do I do if I see an illegal vendor while visiting the district?
NEVER purchase animals in the Fashion District and always report illegal vendors to our Clean & Safe Team 24-hour response team at 213-741-2661.

6. I’m coming with a large group of people. Where is the best place to park tour buses?
Parking lots are located throughout the Fashion District. We recommend finding a surface lot for large buses. You can find a list of the different types of parking lots and their locations here.

7. Where can I get a map of the Fashion District?
You can download a printable PDF version of our map here.

8. I’m looking for a specific store or product. Can you help me find it?
Of course! Check out our searchable directory for a list of stores and our blog for featured stores and products. Feel free to Facebook or Tweet us with any questions!

9. I’m interested in buying wholesale. What are the requirements for wholesale buyers?
It depends where you want to shop. If you are registering for market weeks, most buildings will ask that you register at each building and provide a business cared. The California Market Center has a few more requirements, so check out their website for full details. To shop wholesale in the rest of the district buyers must be able to show proof of their business license or business tax I.D. number. Check with specific stores regarding quality regulations.

10. When are sample sales and how do I find out who will be having them?
Sample sales are held the last Friday of every month. We post sales as soon as we hear about them on our Facebook, Twitter and blog. Follow our social media channels to stay up to date!