LA Market Week 2015 Schedule


Buyers at the Cooper Design Space


LA Market Week or LA Fashion Market as it is referred to in the industry, takes place five times a year in the Fashion District’s contemporary showrooms. Thousands of brands and designer collections showcase their lines for the upcoming season and buyers from all over the world come to Los Angeles to place orders for their stores and boutiques. Market week typically takes place in January, March, June, August, and October. The 2015 LA market schedule will be as follows:

                      March 16-19               Fall 2015
                      June 8-11                   Fall II/Holiday 2015
                      August 3-6                 Holiday/Resort 2015
                     October 12-16             Spring 2016

Select showrooms will be open for Sunday preview during each market week.

During market buyers can browse the hundreds of permanent showrooms and also take advantage of the numerous tradeshows hosted in the various showroom buildings. Additional markets are held around LA Fashion Market including the LA Kids Market, the Gift and Home Market, and LA Men’s Market.

There is no pre-registration for LA Fashion Market. Buyers register on-site at each building. Most buildings only require a business card and tax ID/or license number. However, the California Market Center (CMC) requires specific credentials and does charge an onsite registration fee. Additional buyer information can be found here.

Want to know who is showing at LA Fashion Market? The market lines directory is updated prior to each market week.

Can’t make it to market week? Showrooms are open year-round and most accept walk-ins.

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