Sew FYI Fabric District Favorites + 20% Off


Fabric Sample

The LA Fashion District has six full blocks dedicated entirely to fabrics and notions. Dubbed the “LA Fabric District” this area is a top destination for designers, fashion students, Cosplayers, crafts enthusiasts, and DIYers from all over the world. So what are the best places for fabric shopping in the district? We asked the gals at Sew FYI, a sewing studio and shared design space in Downtown LA, to share their favorites.


Michael Levine

The One-Stop-Shop: Michael Levine, 920 S Maple Ave.
Michael Levine has been a Fashion District staple for decades. It offers everything in fabrics and notions from specialty items – leather, designer textiles, and bridal lace – to trim, patterns, and sewing tools.


For One-of-A-Kind Finds: All Trims, 625 E 9th St.
Here is where you’ll find the most fashion-forward laces, trims, buttons, and elastic.


The all-around good fabric shop: Journal Fabric, 419 E 9th St.
Journal Fabrics offers a great selection fabrics and can boast some of the best customer service in town.


Sew FYI is a membership-based sewing and design co-working studio. The concept is similar to that of a gym – you purchase a membership, and they provide all the equipment. Membership includes:

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