The Business of Fashion: Economic Impact of L.A. Fashion Industry

The Los Angeles fashion industry is huge. According to a report by CIT Group Inc. and the California Fashion Association (CFA), the industry generates at least $18 billion in revenue and over $6.4 billion in worker incomes. Designers, graphic artists, logistics experts, fashion photographers, and sales representatives are all part of the industry job market which employs over 97,000 people in Southern California. To put in perspective, Los Angeles County alone is estimated to employ over 77,500 people while New York employs approximately 47,000. Other important points to note from the report:

  • More than $46 billion in apparel enter Los Angeles as imports
  • 3,770 independent fashion designers work in Los Angeles
  • The fashion industry helps Los Angeles beat national employment trends with increases of 3.2% year-over-year

View the full report here.