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New Moon Ceremony

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Join us on February 9, 2024, as the ethereal energy of the new moon unfolds in a mystical journey led by the enchanting Soul Sisters. 🌙✨

Embrace the cosmic harmony as we gather to set intentions, release what no longer serves us, and manifest the dreams that stir within our souls. The Soul Sisters will guide you through meditation with a cacao ritual, creating a sacred space for self-discovery and renewal.

Allow the gentle whispers of the universe to guide you in this transformative experience. Let the Soul Sisters lead you on a celestial exploration, igniting the spark of new beginnings and weaving a tapestry of intention under the cosmic canvas of the new moon.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with the energy of the universe and align your spirit with the cycles of nature. 🌌🌠 Secure your spot for an evening of cosmic reflection, manifestation, and soulful connection.