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Truth or Consequences: Come As You Are

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Truth or Consequences: A curated series of transdisciplinary salons
January 29 - Come As You Are
Bendix Building - Meet us at our rooftop space and travel with us to a never before seen location in the building

As part of our first salon of the year, we welcome a wonderful union of work between our long-time collaborating creative technologist & projection artist Kamyi Lee, stellar pianist and composer Tomoko Ozawa, HDD dancers Edgar Aguirre & Rebecca Lee, DJ William Jay YIvisaker and our new Seoul Institute of the Arts Interns Seoyoon Choi & Yejin An.

Join us on our rooftop transformed into a magical seaside escape and then travel down into the belly of the Bendix to explore the underworld for an unforgettable evening of music, dance and conversation. Unburden your true self in an immersive environment of sight and sound. Come As You Are welcomes you for who you are, without reservation.