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Policy Updates

The new role of the Policy and Civic Affairs Manager will focus on monitoring, researching, and reviewing State and Local municipal legislation, initiatives, and programs that may impact the Fashion District community. The goal is to become well-informed about the day-to-day decisions made by city and state leadership. By enhancing this knowledge, we can develop better strategies to address and navigate the challenges faced by the Fashion District community.


AB1603 – THEFT/SHOPLIFTING -- The initiative is in response to Prop 47, which was passed in 2014, and would lower the threshold for misdemeanor theft from $950 to $450. The bill is currently stalled in committee.

SB914 – HELP ACT -- SB 914 will reduce gender bias and disparities in outcomes in California’s response to homelessness by embedding a focus on domestic violence survivors and other vulnerable populations into local homelessness plans.

SB45 – ORGANIC WASTE REDUCTION -- This bill would require the department, in consultation with the state board, to aid local jurisdictions, including, but not limited to, any funding appropriated by the Legislature in the annual Budget Act, for purposes of assisting local agencies to comply with Organic Waste Reduction Goals, including any regulations adopted by the department.

AB2890 – PBID SPECIAL BENEFIT LAW -- Sponsored by CDA (California Downtown Association) the bill would clarify the special benefit of programs, which will help PBID assessments avoid unnecessary and costly legal challenges.

SPORTS BETTING BALLOT INITIATIVE -- The ballot initiative would tax the gross gaming revenue from sports wagering at 25 percent. Revenue from the tax would be deposited into a Sports Wagering Fund, and then, through legislation, be used to address issues related to homelessness, affordable housing, public education, and mental health. In addition to the 25 percent tax, a 1 percent tax would be levied in gross gaming revenue to fund problem gambling treatment. It will be on the state general election ballot on November 8th, 2022.


RESTAURANT BEVERAGE PROGRAM -- The Los Angeles City Council unanimously passed an ordinance to streamline the process for sit-down restaurants to be permitted to serve alcohol. While the existing process takes a minimum of six months, requires a public hearing, and costs approximately $15,000. The RBP will cut down the process to about 4 weeks and $5,000. Although the RBP has been adopted, it is still not yet in effect citywide due to a requirement that it be implemented at the discretion of each council member. We are hopeful that DTLA will soon be included in the RBP given the critical role our neighborhood plays in LA’s food and beverage landscape.

7TH STREET CORRIDOR PROJECT -- The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering, in partnership with Council District 14, is beginning a $12 million multi-modal street enhancement project to add pedestrian and bicyclist safety improvements, including pedestrian lighting, bus islands, and trees from Figueroa to San Pedro. Assessments to be levied. Construction has begun at San Pedro Street and will continue westward.

LA ALLIANCE -- The City of Los Angeles has entered into a settlement agreement with LA Alliance. The agreement will remain under the enforcement jurisdiction of the Federal District Court, Judge David Carter. The city agreed to shelter the majority of those on the street, reduce encampments, and return public space to their intended uses with clear milestones that they must meet. The agreement is citywide and not just limited to Skid Row or DTLA. The County of Los Angeles is refusing to settle and is not engaging with either party to identify solutions.

CLEAN STREETS NOW INITIATIVE -- A series of motions were introduced by Councilmember Kevin de León (Council Files #22-0116, #220118, and #22-0121) to review the city’s crisis with illegal dumping and the city department’s response and resources. The initiative calls to speed up the response time for removing trash, increase funding for cleanups, expand LA Sanitation staff, and review enforcement efforts.

SIDEWALK REPAIR PROGRAM UNDER REVIEW -- City Council has instructed city agencies (Council File #21-1469) to review the sidewalk repair program. The motion includes asking departments to report back on the “fix and release” policy, a sidewalk inventory/assessment, and funding available from the federal infrastructure bill or other sources.

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