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30 Days of Takeout's Guide to Fashion District Restaurants

Robert (the man behind 30 Days of Takeout) hosts a food and lifestyle blog and channel dedicated to showing the best food in Los Angeles. If you have 30 days in your favorite city, where would you go and what would you do? 30daysoftakeout shows you everything you need to know and see in L.A. 

From five-star restaurants and bars, right on down to family-owned establishments and up and coming pop-ups and ghost kitchens, you will see it all if you follow him. He'll have you eating, drinking, living, and feeling like a true local when you visit LA. Here are 10 of Robert's favorite spots in the LA Fashion District

LALA's Grill

Civilization Coffee Bar

TBLA Caters


Sibling Rival


Artesano Tamaleria

Cilantro Lime

Burger Shop


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Post created in collaboration with 30 Days of Takeout

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