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5 Informative Videos about Shopping Wholesale

Hey there buyers and soon to be buyers...this one's for you!

We know running your business can be tough sometimes...and the process of buying can seem daunting. You've heard of this place called the "LA Fashion District" and how it's the perfect place to shop wholesale, but you have no idea where to start or how to start. Sound familiar?

Here are "5 Informative Videos about Shopping Wholesale" in the LA Fashion District.

1. Where Instagram Boutiques Buy Wholesale

Tay brings you to the LA Fashion District to see how to buy wholesale clothing, jewelry and other items!

2. Where to Find Wholesale Products | The Find Guru

3. Where Instagram Boutiques Buy Wholesale + Free Vendor List

Tay brings you to the LA Fashion District to see some new vendors and shares a free way to find vendors!

4. Tips for First Visit to LA Fashion District

Gia Monae drops some tips on how to prepare for your first buying trip. They might seem like small tips, but trust us, you'll thank her later.

5. FashionGo -- The Leading Online Wholesale Marketplace

For those who love online shopping...

When in doubt, the LA Fashion District website has a lot of useful information! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram: @lafashiondistrict & Twitter: @lafashiondist 

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