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Mono B Clothing: Wholesale Activewear & Athleisure

Because activewear and athleisure are SO in, we sat with Yuska of Mono B to get the inside scoop, what’s behind the brand, and a sneak peek of their latest collection.

Tell us the story behind Mono B and who’s behind the brand?

Mono B was created by Mary Jane and Chris Chon, a husband and wife team. It was started in 2009, which means this year is Mono B’s 10th year anniversary. Chris Chon is our COO whilst Mary Jane Chon is our CEO and designer.

The word “mono” means “one” and the letter “B” stands for “basic.” The name was chosen to represent the idea behind the brand — we focus on creating items that are essential and versatile (“basic”) and can be mixed and matched with (almost) anything and be worn (almost) anytime and anywhere.

man in mono b

We started our activewear and athleisure wear lines to support the active lifestyle. We believe that an important step for people to start being active is having high quality activewear. This is where Mono B comes in. The beauty about Mono B’s activewear is that it can be mixed and matched with various items and accessories to create that true athleisure vibe – from windbreaker to denim jackets or from sneakers to high heels. And let’s face it, activewear and athleisure are very comfortable and fashionable. It’s the ideal sleep to street wear.

Our women’s activewear collection comes in three lines: the core Mono B (simply called “Mono B”), the low-impact and true athleisure wear (Mono B RED), and high-impact and true performance wear created using Lycra and Spandex (Mono B Bronze).

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What’s your role at Mono B? 

I’m the creative head for sales & marketing as well as the liaison manager for our VIP customers. My creative job includes copywriting product descriptions, designing and copywriting our seasonal lookbooks, back-up photographer, managing our Magento-based wholesale website as well as our other platforms (FashionGo, LA Showroom, OrangeShine), and writing articles for for the Mono B Blog. I also do support work in customer service and sales, including our VIP program.

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Mono B has been around for 10 years — why a men’s collection now?

Mono B is already established as an activewear/athleisure brand for women. We launched our swimwear collection last year and it has been very well received. Menswear was the next logical step. There is a large demand for menswear and we’ve had many requests to come up with menswear, both as its own collection and to complement the women’s line in existing retailers. And true to its activewear/athleisure value, the Mono B MEN collection also features items that you can wear to workout (moisture wicking, polyester-spandex-blend, cool-touch cotton, four-way stretch) and as a daily athleisure look that is both comfortable and stylish.

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Where can interested buyers find the Mono B collections?

Mono B is carried by independent retailers throughout the US as well as Canada, Central America, South America, South Korea, and the UK. These independent retailers are both brick-and-mortar and online stores as well as fitness and dance studios. We’re extremely proud to support local businesses. These business owners can just go to and register their account. Once they register, they’ll get an automatic email asking them to submit their business license or reseller’s permit. After they’ve submitted the necessary documents, we’ll verify their account and they can start purchasing online! The first (ground) shipment is on us, as long as it’s within the 48 contiguous US states.

For end users, the best way to get Mono B is by letting your local apparel store (or fitness studio) stock up on Mono B clothing.

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What can we expect to see next — any new collections in the works? 

Apart from our women’s activewear, athleisurewear, loungewear, and denim collection, we’re so excited to be releasing even more menswear! For our upcoming Fall+Winter 2019 collection, we’re also releasing couple’s looks – these are identical items that will be made available in both women’s and men’s lines.