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#SmallBizLove: pskaufman

Spreading the #SmallBizLove for shoe lovers! pskaufman is a boutique filled with timeless footwear located down the alley, 113 E 8th Street, open daily from 12pm to 6pm. Keep reading to learn a little more about Pskaufman from the owner, Paul.

1. Tell us the story behind pskaufman.

After a long career as one of the owners/designer of the punk brand Na Na, i started pskaufman... eleven years ago; with the intention of creating a brand and designing shoes that could help make a small change in the world. 

Shoes are the only piece of apparel that can dramatically affect one's physical being and psychological being.

Using a rapidly disappearing shoemaking process, called goodyear welt, which was invented in 1869, pskaufman... shoes draw on tradition, at the same time as pushing the boundaries of style. My background in punk gave me a DIY mentality about everything i do; whether the shop interiors, shoes, clothing, accessories or collaborations i try to stay inspired and inspiring...always pushing and bringing new ideas to life. i'm a huge believer in the power of small to make positive change in the world; small business, in particular, can be hugely influential, when taken in total.

pskaufman... believes we can affect change in the economy, in our culture and in the environment. Everything we do must satisfy those three parameters!

2. What’s your role at pskaufman?

I'm the owner, designer and janitor....

3. What made you decide to open this business in the LA Fashion District?

We were originally based in Santa Monica, but as we grew, we wanted a central location where we could find a space to house all the things we wanted to do. We outgrew our Santa Monica space and, in 2014, found a friendly basement in DTLA that could house all our creative desires; we have a workshop, offices, warehouse, shop and an event/gallery space located underground, in a 1908 former hotel.

4. What makes pskaufman unique?

Because we're so small, we can react quickly and follow our own ideas, wherever they might take us.... no red tape for us! if we love something, we can act on it, right away. it gives us a lot of freedom... both to succeed and to fail!

Another advantage to being small.... the ability to make our own decisions and always follow our intuition and ethos. Additionally, we customize our shoes and collaborate with various artists, so it's truly possible to have a one-of-a kind shoe from us.

5. Share your favorite shopping tip/trick.

Always listen to your intuition... it never fails.... that and recognize, at least for guys, if the waist of a vintage pair of pants fits from your fist to your elbow.... you don't need to try them on- they're gonna fit!

6. BONUS: What are the best-selling styles this season?

Our chelsea, in whatever color, leather or emboss, continues to lead the pack, though our collaboration  with australian creative, mimi elashiry, now has two styles that are rockin' a number of worlds!

7. Anything else you'd like to tell us about pskaufman?

We're friendly, passionate about what we create and constantly strive to make better and better footwear.   we eschew trendy, fast fashion, in favor of uniques footwear, loaded with timeless style and personality. our footwear last for decades, with care, is comfy and will have people stopping you on the daily, to ask, "where did you get those?"

Be sure to follow @pskaufman AND @lafashiondistrict for your next pair of trendy footwear and all things Fashion District.

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