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10 Mother's Day Ideas for Kids

Here are a few “alternative or extra “things you and/or your kids can do for your mom, wife, or grandmother this Mother’s Day.

  1. Of course, give her some beautiful flowers, but surprise her by going with her to the flower market a week or two after Mother’s Day, and tell her to choose the flowers that SHE would like to have and would make her happy. Also, show her some houseplants that will last a bit longer than cut flowers. Click here for details on the LA Flower District. 
  2. Cut out a few small circular photos of yourself, your kids, or all, paste them onto red paper and cut them into large hearts. Put them on her bed as a surprise.
  3. Ask Mom to tell YOU what it was like for her growing up. You can use your phone to record it for a sweet memory of Mom.
  4. Take Mom on a shopping spree of the Santee Alley. Give her $20.00 to spend.
  5. Prepare a special meal for her, and be sure that YOU clean up afterward. She'll appreciate the delicious meal and the time to relax afterward.
  6. Take a picture of you/your kids holding a handwritten sign saying: WE LOVE YOU! Put the picture in a picture frame to give to her.
  7. Buy some fun fabric in the Fashion District. Glue down cut up pieces of the fabric, decorate a frame, and put that special picture inside the frame. Click here for our Fabric & Notions directory. 
  8. Give the gift of “time off”, with a note: “Mom, we know you love us, but we’d like to show you some love by having a day to yourself.” Let her tell you when she can find time to have a “time off day” and then find something else for you and your family to do. This will be a most welcome gift, we promise.
  9. Leave her a thoughtful note. Bonus points if you put it somewhere silly, like in the freezer or behind the toothpaste, or in her purse.
  10. Make a “thankful” chart. Post it in the kitchen or hallway so each family member can add to it anytime…including your mom. (For example: Thankful for...having you as my mom/wife/grandmother, taking me to the Fashion District to shop for clothes and toys, teaching me to read and getting me books from the library, showing me how to bake and make the yummiest cookies)

Either one of these will surely make Mom smile this Mother's Day!

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