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LA Fashion District Bridal Shopping Guide – Part 1

The LA Fashion District Bridal Shopping Guide outlines where to find everything wedding and bridal related. The Fashion District has everything you need from the bridal gown to flowers and decor, all at discounted prices!


The Fashion District is THE place for bridesmaid dresses, especially for bridesmaids who are on a budget. As you can see, we have a pretty extensive selection of vendors to choose from. If  you’re wondering which are wholesale only, and which are open to the public, stick to the ones in the Santee Street/Maple Avenue area. Santee Street (from Olympic Boulevard to approximately 14th Street) is lined with formal and special occasion dress vendors. Tips for bridesmaids:

Don’t be fooled by the sparkly prom styles on the mannequins and store displays. Most vendors also carry wedding-appropriate dresses in short and long styles.
Dresses can be ordered in a wide range of styles and certain styles may also be available in plus size. If they are not available in store, they can usually be ordered.
Shop around. You’ll find the same dress at different places at different prices.
Have all your bridesmaids buy their dress from the same vendor. The more you buy the more you can save!
Manufacturers usually use the same color/fabric for various styles. This is ideal for brides looking for different dresses in the same color and picky bridal parties.


Make the best of your time and head straight for Los Angeles Street, between 9th and 7th Streets. This is where you will find the majority of our tuxedo and suit vendors. You can also find a full listing of suit and men’s formal wear vendors listed here. Dress shoes, ties, and cuff links can all be found in this area.

If you don’t find what you are looking for on Los Angeles Street, head over to The Santee Alley. Vendors are located inside the alley, on Santee Street, and on Maple Avenue. You can download this map for reference.


In general The Santee Alley and surrounding area (Maple Avenue and Santee Street) have a great selection of children’s formal clothing. Find the full listing for children’s formal clothing here.

Most suit vendors will also sell children’s sizes. However if you’re looking for specialty suits, think “Prince Charming” or “Charro” outfits, you’ll want to go to Three’s For Me. It’s also one of our favorite places for flower girl dresses. For flower girl outfits, Carmen Creation has the most beautiful dresses for girls in the district.


Almost everything is final sale. Inspect garments and try them on before you purchase.
We have plenty of tailors in the district. View LA Fashion District Bridal Shopping Guide – Part 2 for tips on where to shop for wedding dresses, flowers, and decor.

The LA Fashion District Bridal Shopping Guide was updated August 2016 to reflect the most recent information available.

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