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#SmallBizLove: Abu's Hats

We're back with some more #SmallBizLove! Abu's Hats, now being referred to as the Hat King is located in the Santee Alley and available online. Keep reading to learn a little more about Abu's Hats.

1. Tell us the story behind Abu's Hats. 

Abu's Hats was created with the concept of niche fashion in mind. Abu loves hats and wanted to celebrate the array of styles that could turn a simple look into a complete look. 

2. What's your role at Abu's Hats? 


3. What made you decide to open this business in the LA Fashion District?

The Los Angeles Fashion District offers selections to some of the most trendiest people. We wanted to be a part of this intricate community of fashion. 

4. What makes Abu's Hats unique? 

We offer a range of styles at affordable prices. You can find fun colors and creative hats to suit your fashion needs. We are always following the latest fashion trends and we keep a hefty selection in stock. Most importantly, we offer wholesale and ship throughout the US. We like to tailor selections to our wholesale client's needs and we make purchasing simple. 

5. Share your favorite shopping tip/trick. 

When shopping in the Fashion District be sure to wear comfortable shoes! The weather is pretty ripe in Los Angeles all year long so definitely stop by and pick up one of our wide brim hats for shade. Bring water and be prepared to spend the entire day shopping. Hold your plans until after 6 pm! 

6. BONUS: What are the best-selling styles this season? 

Our best selling hats are our "Drip too hard" hat which is a cork and beige two-toned hat. It has a suede cork colored brim with a beige crown. There is a faux leather band and this style looks dope on men and women. Another popular style is our camel color fedora, it's perfect for brunch and day parties. 

7. Anything else you'd like to tell us about Abu's Hats? 

We're open 7 days a week, we offer wholesale and we love our customers and all the support from fashionistas across the US. 

Be sure to follow @abushats AND @lafashiondistrict for the perfect hats and all things Fashion District. 

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