All of Your Questions About Shopping Wholesale in the LA Fashion District Answered

With thousands of wholesale businesses located here, shopping the Fashion District can seem like a daunting task. Knowing the best times to come, where to stay...figuring out where to park, how you should get around and all of the other bits of information can be quite overwhelming. 

If you want to learn all of the insider tips and tricks to shopping wholesale in the district, follow along…we’ve got your back! 

To help us break the buying process down, we asked our friend Jacqueline Holmes from LA Fashion Concepts for some help. 

Here are some tips and tricks to make your wholesale buying experience the easiest and most productive it can be. Happy buying! 

Tip 1: Come ready to shop

Most showrooms only require a seller’s permit. BUT keep in mind that some showrooms may want a little more info on you and your business. If you have business cards, bring them along. If this is your first buying experience, don’t worry…just let them know. See more buyer info here

Tip 2: Stay in the Fashion District

We are a neighborhood that just keeps on getting better and better! There are now three hotels in the district which will make your buying experience that much easier.

Tip 3: Easy Transit

107 blocks may sound like a lot, but we promise it’s not that bad! You can easily walk around OR hop on a scooter, bike or grab an Uber/Lyft

Tip 4: Ask for discounts

Hey, we all appreciate discounts every now and then. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts. You save that coin! 

Tip 5: Consolidate shipping

Think of consolidated shipping as the “wholesale” of shipping. Plus…we’re trying to save the planet. Less cardboard is always better! 

Tip 6: Shop from 1000+ vendors

Fun fact…there is WAY more than 1000 wholesale vendors in the district. Choices on choices on choices! 

Tip 7: Build friendly relationships

Friendly relationships = happy buying experience + possible discounts + better business for you. 

Tip 8: Research the lines you want to shop and map your route

1000+ vendors…remember? You definitely want to be sure to do your research and map your route. Check out our Walking Map Guide here

Tip 9: Make yourself comfortable

Shopping in general can be a little tiring. Come comfortable and make it a whole day of shopping and fun! 

Tip 10: Cheap eats to world class dining

Hello…you’re going to need to eat! And no matter where you decide to eat, we’re 99.9% sure it will be delicious. Find a place to eat here

Okay wow! That was a lot! We can’t wait to see what you buy in the LA Fashion District. Don’t forget to tag us in all of your #LAFashionDistrict adventures ;)